Reflections on the class "Web-Based Multimedia" and "Intro to Teaching with Digital Tools"

Blog Post #6

We are at the last of the blog post. This week we created a toolkit in on I must say that I was really impressed with how many resources were on this site. In the past when I have seen these types of resource sites there would by just a handful of resources and maybe one of them was OK. So when I first saw the assignment, that is what I thought I was going to see. I was relieved to see so many useful tools. I made a screen shot of my tool kit so you can see it.

I picked tools that will be helpful during student teaching. 4teachers has a tool that helps create rubrics and there are a few resources to help with differentiating instruction and working with ESL students. I know 2 of the classes I’ll be teaching are ESL classes. That will be a challenge, but I think I’ll have a better change with these tools. Finally, I found a bunch of resources for science simulations. Students seem to love simulations and they do a great job getting an idea across to the students. The simulations and the flash games and videos will be a great hook when we are learning about a new topic and then we would look at it more deeply.

I’m going to keep track of this site. I don’t have too much teaching experience so I don’t know the challenges just yet. Once I start I’m sure I’ll look at this list with different eyes and see something that I missed this time.


Comments on: "Blog Post #6" (2)

  1. I also like and for the same reason — because of the rubric sources. You can actual embed the link to your toolkit instead of just showing us a picture. Then we can go through your articles.


  2. I also included in my toolkit. And yes, a main reason was for students to have access to creating their own rubrics. It is important for educators to involve students in that process so they better understand the evaluation component of their education as more than just getting an A or a … Goog Luck to you, Peggy

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