Reflections on the class "Web-Based Multimedia" and "Intro to Teaching with Digital Tools"

Mini Art School #4

I had fun making this video. I recorded all of the video with the help of my wonderful husband and my showoff of a dog. I put it together with AVS4You video editor. I was trying out some new transitions and the video in a video. It is still a bit difficult to see the difference in the skin color on his ear, but it is there. 

For the second part is my MMP project story board. I don’t have the best drawing skills, but hopefully you can see what the site will be like. I have the intro page, an example evidence page, an example lab page, and the help! page.  The help page I realized I may need when I was making the story board and making the actual wiki. Some students might have a hard time knowing how to use everything.

ImageLet me know what your thoughts are. I always love feedback, good or bad. 



Comments on: "Mini Art School #4" (3)

  1. Video was well done. Impressed that it was actually an educational video. I learned about different aspects of dog sweat. Also, huge plus that you included a HELP page on your wiki. Great idea. Good luck, Peggy

  2. I wonder how many of us chose either our pets or children to star in the video? I liked the transitions that you used in the video. And got a good chuckle that the dog was getting more exercise than the human. A short video like this is an effective way to teach a concept. Great job.
    I think that creating the site map for the web page is a good help to us as developers. We can more objectively follow our own logic. Creating a short video to assist students in the use of the site is a great idea!


  3. Hi Christen,

    You did a great job with this video! I’m with Peggy on this one — I, too, learned about how a dog sweats from your Concept in 60.

    I am also in agreement with Sheri that your idea for creating a short video to assist students in the use of the site is a great idea.

    I think that using videos like the Concept in 60 (perhaps a bit longer depending upon the topic) would be entertaining, engaging, and motivating for students to learn topics in regard to science (and across the curriculum for that matter). In that same vein, your Concept in 60 was inspiring — I wouldn’t think twice about considering this an exemplary multimodal composition for the purpose of explaining concepts in a mini-lesson format.

    Well done!

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