Reflections on the class "Web-Based Multimedia" and "Intro to Teaching with Digital Tools"

Mini Art Project #3

I found for this project the reference pages in the design basics index were particularly useful.

First I’ll post my cropped images.

The first is interesting because the image I cropped to is hardly noticeable in the original photo.  In the design basics index it told us to keep an eye out for interesting elements in an image that can change the original feeling of a photo.

I used the same idea here. Although I’m lucky that I was able to get these pictures from my fathers good camera because there is a real danger of the images becoming pixelated.

I like how the rock looked in this picture and the different directions of the waves, but it was lost in the original picture. The original idea was to get a but of the sunrise colors, but they were not bright enough yet.

This picture was of the sunrise, but it was too far away. By cropping it closer there is a more interesting composition and the bright colors are a larger proportion of the image.

This was my favorite picture. It originally looked ruined because of a big glare in the middle, but I was able to crop that out an focus on my niece. It is over exposed, but it works for this picture because it give it a feeling like a dream.

This last one is an example of just a minor crop.  There was too much dead space on the right so it was cut away to focus the story of this image on the horses going to the Grand Hotel on Macinac Island, Mi.

The next mini art project I did was the color echo exercise.  I used a picture of my dog who I adopted 4 years ago.  I decided to make a flyer to encourage adoption.  A pet peeve of mine is that almost every pet adoption advertisement I see shows sad animals.  There are animals at the shelter that despite their predicament are incredibly happy.  In fact they are very happy all the time.  My dog was one of those dogs. So I used a picture of him to show that you can get a ridiculously happy and fun dog from a shelter too.  I use the color sampling tool to pick colors for the text and background.  It was challenging because there were not too many colors to choose from.  These are the 3 versions I came up with.

My Favorite is the last one. I don’t think the brown worked very well. The blue is from his tag, the cream is from his fur on his neck, and the brown is form the fur at the base of his ear.

The last project I did was the logo variation exercise.  I didn’t spend too long on making the logo so it isn’t perfect.  It is supposed to be a logo for dog agility (I have my dog on my mind) but the tire jump looks more like a lifeguard float.  This was probably the most basic of the 3 exercises I did.  I think I learned more making the logo than changing the colors. Although, it was very interesting learning about the different ways to print materials and the thought that goes into what colors can be used.  It was also nice to finally learn what hue, saturation, and value are.  I think the diagram on page 209 does a very good job at explaining it.  These are my logo variation. There are only 3 because the 3 color is the same as my full color.


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