Reflections on the class "Web-Based Multimedia" and "Intro to Teaching with Digital Tools"

Mini Art Project #2

I Had lots of fun with this weeks art project.  The two activities I choose was the “Word Portraits” exercise and the “Shape workshop,” specifically the color exercise.

The word portrait was very interesting.  The first two words of each font are supposed to be enhanced by the font because the font voice matches the style.  The third word is not supposed to fit the style to indicate how the fonts have a voice and if they have the wrong tone it looks off.  I thought it was very interested in the overly stylized fonts it is actually harder to read the word that doesn’t fit.  For example, it is easy to read “wedding” and “Reception” because you expect those types of words. It takes a moment to read “goofball” because it doesn’t fit.

This activity was more challenging than I thought it would be.  I usually have trouble picking out a font for my designs so I choose this activity in hopes that I would get a new sense of fonts. I think reading about the different fonts helped and thinking of them as personalities also helped.  To do this activity I imagined each font as a person and tried to think of what they would say and wouldn’t say.  For example, I imagined someone who was overly interested in espresso would not set foot in a dunkin’ donuts.

The second project I did was also very fun and another area that I generally struggle with in design, color.  When I wanted to paint my apartment I had to have my step dad pick out a color because none of the colors I picked looked right.

This was very fun.  I decided that I would use the same shapes but give them different colors in order to give them a different feel.  My favorite are the triangles and the chevrons. I like the triangles because the different colors give a completely different image. The top look more like mountains while the bottom looks more like a forest, but the shapes are the same. In terms of color choice I like the chevrons. I always had difficulty figuring our what colors go together.  What I tried to do for the colors is to pick something in nature that is colorful and use those colors.  I choose birds.  Each cluster of 2 chevrons are different birds. The top box is a goldfinch, cardinal, red winged black bird, and a yellow warbler.  The bottom group is a eastern bluebird, red tailed hawk, american kestrel, and a blue jay.

I’d love to heard what everyone thinks!


Comments on: "Mini Art Project #2" (2)

  1. I like the overall design of the blog in WordPress. Its easy to read and easy to find all the elements.

    Word Portraits: You examples help me. I had the experience with “Fantasy Romance Grounded” in reading the third word that you described with “Wedding Reception Goofball”. Its so interesting how our mind’s eye assumes some of the wording because of the font styles.

    Color: The sun shapes look like night (top) and day (bottom). It is so interesting how color changes the meaning of the shape.

    Terrific job!


  2. Stacy Miller said:


    I agree that the font activity was harder than first perceived. I had a hard time matching thoughts or phrases to match the fonts. It was a matter of typing, reading, changing my mind, repeat. It is funny but we both put something about a term paper for the Times New Roman font. I love your Wedding Reception Goofball comparison, I imediatly thought of people I know who can act like goofballs at wedding receptions. Especially if there is an open bar.

    I love picking out paint colors and usually do a good job with cooridnating. I would work in a paint storeand help people with design in this manor. Plus it helps that I am good at math.


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